Scale. Harmony. Balance. Texture. Strength. Sensuality.

These words define the underlying principals imbued in the design philosophy of the Robert James Collection.

After 30 years of crafting transitional custom furnishings for a fortunate few, Erik Vogt, president and creative director, has realized his vision to create a new company featuring a contemporary line with equal commitment to design and production values, at a more accessible price point.

"I wanted to design a line that was equally at home in a casual beach house, or a chic loft in the city. Robert James Collection embraces the juxtaposition between organic textures combined with clean contemporary lines."

Smooth hard-edged steel mixed with wire brushed White Oak or the sensuous grain of Walnut... polished lacquers contrasting with etched steel... Each piece meticulously crafted with attention to the most minute details.

"It's so refreshing to start a new line from scratch. We apply all of what we've learned over the last 30 years, and there's no substitute for experience. I am so fortunate to have a team who can execute with incredible skill and precision whatever can be imagined!

On a personal level, Robert James Collection has reawakened my passion for design. As a company, we are thrilled with the launch of this new collection, and to continue introducing exciting new pieces."

So, who is Robert James? The name affectionately comes from the combination of Erik's 2 sons' middle names. Chad Robert, and Brandon James.