ROBERT JAMES COLLECTION finishes are created with full understanding of the material. White Oak, Walnut, and Iron are all gifts from nature. Our craftsmen honor each material with environmentally conscious finishes, artfully applied to enhance their unique organic beauty.


White Oak

We painstakingly wire brush our White Oak by hand to highlight the beautiful grain. Then, all layers are hand-applied to achieve the final finish. Our goal is to achieve an organic finish that complements the natural beauty of the wood with each piece. Top coats are satin sheen.


Walnut is a sensuous hardwood with a beautiful grain. “Wire-brushed”, where noted below the finish, indicates a subtle texture of the grain. This creates a very organic durable surface. All tops are finished with satin sheen top coats.

Iron and Steel

We love working with these materials. There's not much our ironsmiths can't do! Our iron and steel finishes represent organic colors and textures of natural patinas that occur over time.